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Hardware and Networking

      The Sanisha Infotech specialises in Computer Hardware and Networking Support and installing business computer networks across Scotland. The Networking Company provides broadband, internet services, hardware, offsite backup and VPNs to Scotland’s businesses. Sanisha Infotech helps your business share its information and IT resources by managing your workstations, computer networks and Internet and email requirements. Do you want your investment in IT, broadband and the Internet to allow staff to work smarter? Frustrated by the amount of time your business spends on troubleshooting computer problems or developing your use of IT? That’s valuable time that you should be dedicating to your customers.

Computer Sales and Service

Computer Sales & Service: Offers Laptops, computers and Components for a great price. Purchase your systems with the most popular and up to date components, all custom built pc's are bench tested before we let you take it home. All custom built pc's and new computers come with a warranty. So give us a call today....


Power Solutions

      UPS and Inverters protect your valuable and critical power equipment from power problems like spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts. Excellent service is provided with all products and can be availed at convenient hours. Contact now for complete and reliable power protection. We will provides the very best in terms of design, technology and service.


      Our team of experienced technicians can wire your new or existing offices for a data network. We can connect your branch offices using several different VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies. This enables a low cost solution to connecting your offices. Web Soft can handle all your network needs.

Networking AMC

      The Sanisha Infotech Services Continuum is an end-to-end Network Services framework, designed to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate the full lifecycle of your network infrastructure. We can design your system from the ground up, using our years of experience to ensure you get what you need for now and also build allowing for the future. We are able to provide the latest technologies such as gigabit Ethernet or high security certificate based wireless access. Using the latest security software and hardware we can test and protect against uninvited network access, wired and wireless, securing your environment from intrusion, Networking Infrastructure An organization's ability to deliver results is strongly determined by its backbone i.e. IT Infrastructure. Rapid technological developments have made IT-related decisions simply 'complex'. Today building a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective involves integrating multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies.

Our Network infrastructure group today offers:

  • Structured Cabling solutions
  • Converged Local Area networking solutions
  • Converged Wide Area networking solutions
  • The focus is on 'Solutions Integration' rather than 'Systems Integration'. Sanisha Infotech has designed and built some of India's largest mission critical networks.